Monday, June 20, 2011

Been awhile!

Sorry, blog. I was in (insert name of city I'm moving to) for 10 days and it was amazing. I'm really excited to move. I found an amazing place to live (at least for the summer), got to hang with some really awesome friends, and felt like the dark stormclouds were lifting away.

And then I came back home, to stay at my parents' house for a couple of weeks. I got back a week ago and it's been really bad. My eating disorder in particular has flared up something fierce. I've either been seriously binging or binging and purging... I just finished up a pretty extensive purging session. :/ I hate myself for doing this. Ah well.

I'm going away for what is essentially a big party this weekend, so hopefully that will up my spirits. And I move out for real on the first... so a week and a half. You can do this, Dorothy. I wish I weren't home, I wish I weren't home, I wish I weren't home.

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